Ask Trevor: brace for wrist AND fingers

Ask Trevor: brace for wrist AND fingers

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
2 minute read

This week Angie asks: Do you know of a brace that supports the individual fingers as well as the wrist? 
Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says: 

"There are some out there that support both the fingers and the wrist, but they tend to be fairly bulky and intended for people with motor loss due to neural issues. Having said that, they may be worth a shot for pain/arthritis.

I believe the one I've used in the past is made by Sammons-Preston and its called the CVA/TBI wrist and finger brace.

There are a few braces specifically intended for ulnar drift for rheumatoid disease such as the Ulnar Drift splint from Braceability.

Another option might be to look into silver ring splints which you can either order through the SilverRingsplint company or find through individual vendors on sites like Etsy.

There's also a fair number of resting splints for sleeping or just giving your fingers a break. "


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