Ask Trevor: burning hands after CTS surgery

Ask Trevor: burning hands after CTS surgery

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
2 minute read

Ashleigh asks:

I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands a few months ago.

I was on the road to recovery, but now both hands are hurting and burning constantly. 

My surgeon gave me a cortisone shot but it doesn’t seem to have helped. 

What can I do?


Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says: 

Late onset burning and pain is not at all abnormal, particularly if you had both carpal tunnels done around the same time. 

Sometimes if you can't let your hands heal you start using compensatory movement patterns to avoid pain that can start over loading other structures. 

If you are able to, I would recommend looking into seeing a hand therapist to see if there's any way to modify daily tasks to give your hands as much of a break as possible. 

Try to keep your fingers and wrists moving as much as you're able to but also respect pain when they start to flare up and give them a break when needed.

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