Ask Trevor CHT: Can RSI last for years?

Ask Trevor CHT: Can RSI last for years?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Natasha asks: 

I’ve had hand pain for 4 years now, in both hands. It hurts pretty much during the whole day in various areas, including hands, fingers, and arms.

I feel like doctors brush me off because I’m younger and just say it’s RSI.

Would RSI last this long?

As a graphic designer, I draw a lot, and I really rely on my hands. 


Certified Hand Therapist Trevor Petrie says:

RSI type injuries can definitely linger for months or longer if not allowed to heal.

Given your profession, "giving your hands a rest" may not be an option.

I would suggest talking to a hand therapist to suss out what structures are specifically involved and how to let them heal appropriately without needing to significantly limit your ability to work.

Taking a look at the ergonomics of your work station could also help.

Finally, if you notice that working exacerbates your symptoms, taking "mini-breaks" throughout the day to do 30 seconds to a minute of stretches can help keep soft tissues and joints moving and healthy.


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