Ask Trevor CHT: Carpal tunnel or De Quervain's?

Ask Trevor CHT: Carpal tunnel or De Quervain's?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Kellie asks:

I’ve been diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, and De Quervain’s tendinitis in both thumbs and wrists. 

I wear my brace for the carpal tunnel at night and if needed, I wear my brace for my De Quervain’s tendinitis during the day. 

My fingers get stiff, the top of my hands hurt (right is worse than left). I’ve noticed the stiffness and pain in my second joint on my fingers and the top of my hand is getting worse. Is this part of carpal tunnel or something else? 


Certified Hand Therapist Trevor Petrie says:

Pain on the back of the hand could be related to the De Quervain's.

If you haven't already, I'd try to find a therapist to help you get going on a safe exercise program. These issues tend to snowball if you don't keep moving. 

Any time I have a patient come into my clinic with diffuse, radiating symptoms in both arms like you're describing, I get them going on gentle exercises and stretches that focus on core muscles as well as postural muscle and tissue around the shoulder and neck. 

Keep wearing your splints at night and as needed during the day but try not to live in your splints 24/7 unless you've been specifically instructed to do so by your doctor. People tend to start tightening up their postural muscles and overloading other soft tissue structures in their arms if they have to work around splints all day to stay functional.



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