Ask Trevor CHT: Coloring with arthritis?

Ask Trevor CHT: Coloring with arthritis?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Julie asks:

"I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I am heavily into adult coloring - I love it! It brings me peace, calmness and some creativity. 

My first joint on my right thumb - nearest to the tip of my finger - is starting to hurt when I color or type on the phone. I color for a bit and then stop, and rest for a bit. Can I keep going and not cause lots of damage to my joint? I’ve heard 'move it or lose it'. But don’t want to make things very badly worse." 

Certified hand therapist Trevor says:
"I'm always in favor of keeping people doing the things they love. If you use pens with thicker or built-up handles, you can decrease pressure on the thumb. 
You can also look into an "oval 8" or silver ring splint to help improve stability of the joint. Lots of heat will help with pain. 
You do want to keep it moving but you also have to try to respect pain, and give your thumb a break when it's telling you it's had enough. 
As far as the phone goes, holding it with one hand and texting with the index finger of the other will reduce stress on the thumb. It takes a little getting used to, but you'll pick it up fairly quickly, particularly if your phone has a swipe keyboard option for texting."
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