Ask Trevor CHT: thumb joint pain?

Ask Trevor CHT: thumb joint pain?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Barbara asks: 

I'm suffering from great pain in both thumb joints.

I have trouble using my hands to grip or just hold things.

The pain is progressively getting worse, and I don't know what else I can do to help ease it.

Do you have any suggestions of what I could do? Having this amount of pain is really affecting my life.

I've already tried a lot of things, but maybe there's something else I could do about this.


Certified Hand Therapist Trevor Petrie says:

Unfortunately, this particular problem is extremely common, particularly in women.

Depending on where the problem is specifically, the two most usual suspects are basal thumb osteoarthritis or tendinitis at the base of the thumb called De Quervain's.

Finding a good splint that helps take the load off these joints/tendons can help, and heat and ice can help control hand pain.

I would recommend talking to your primary care provider about what the exact cause of your pain might be, and then seeing if you can get into a hand therapist to tailor a program specifically for your needs.


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