Ask Trevor CHT: hand surgery under local?

Ask Trevor CHT: hand surgery under local?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
2 minute read

In today's Ask Trevor, Jim asks:

"I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

I am considering having hand surgery, for carpal tunnel release.

My doctor says it can be done using a local anesthetic. I’m worried that it will still be painful.

What do you think?".

Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says:

"It definitely can be done.

Most surgeons I have worked with elect to put people under general anesthesia, but there’s a growing trend towards local to save time and cost.

Whether or not that’s the right choice for you is tough to say.

You will most likely have some postoperative pain no matter what you do, which is a normal response to having someone cut an incision into your palm and release a ligament.

There shouldn’t be any pain during the actual hand surgery no matter what procedure you elect to have.

I absolutely recommend you have a full conversation with your surgeon and do whatever makes the most sense for you."


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