Ask Trevor CHT: How can I relieve Trigger Finger?

Ask Trevor CHT: How can I relieve Trigger Finger?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Bethany asks: "I have a trigger finger (the index on my left hand). Is there anything I can do to help this - it does come and go?"

Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says:

"Trigger Finger is an inflammation of a tendon sheath as it passes through a ligament at the base of the finger. That Catch-22 of trigger finger is that the tendon gets most of its nutrition in this area by gliding through it’s synovial sheath, but gliding excessively is what causes the irritation to begin with.

People with mild trigger finger will often find that contrast baths (alternating hot and cold) help loosen things up.

In addition, I sometimes have people wrap their finger with a Coban wrap that allows some motion but slows them down enough to allow healing.

Don’t wait too long to consult with a hand surgeon or hand therapist if symptoms worsen. Evidence shows that conservative management has very little success if a trigger finger progresses to the point that you have to use your other hand to straighten your finger.

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