Ask Trevor CHT: Pain after cortisone shot in wrist?

Ask Trevor CHT: Pain after cortisone shot in wrist?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Dawn asks:

"I had a cortisone shot in my right wrist yesterday, and now my wrist on the palm side is grinding/popping/clicking when I make a fist. It is also a bit painful. I cannot make a tight fist at all. My fingers and wrist were so crampy and stiff prior to the cortisone, now it's a little better but still painful when I move them.

Any thoughts on what this is?"

Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says:

You can try a little heat or maybe even a contrast bath to help get some of the swelling out of the area and get some fresh blood flow.

You don't want to do heat/ice too soon after a cortisone injection and every doctor has their own preference as to how long you should wait but usually it's 3-4 days although I have worked with some doctors who ask you to wait as long as a week.

If your doctor doesn't want you using heat or ice modalities yet, make sure to keep your fingers moving as much as you can.

I usually tell my patients in case like this that "stress" is good but "pain" is bad. That means you should push into a little discomfort when moving your hand/fingers but you don't want to push so hard that you're exacerbating your pain symptoms. A hand therapist might be able to tailor a home exercise program that works best for you if you have that option where you live.

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