Ask Trevor CHT: Weird feeling after steroid shot?

Ask Trevor CHT: Weird feeling after steroid shot?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Megan asks:

"I had the steroid cortisone injection in November for carpal tunnel and it was all amazing. I felt like I had a new hand! But the last 3-4 weeks I have had weird nerve-like feelings in the tips of the two fingers affected (not the the thumb) that make me cringe.

I think it happens mostly when I stretch my hand out straight before I grab something, and it’s not a feeling I had before the injection. What could be causing it?"


Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says:

Often times, relief from carpal tunnel symptoms is temporary after a steroid injection, particularly if it has been a longer lasting issue. You can try to do median nerve glide exercises to relieve symptoms.

Any stretches for nerve conditions should be approached with caution. A little bit of nerve irritation resulting in slight tingling is probably OK, as long as those symptoms go away immediately after you're done stretching.

If you're not already, wearing a wrist splint at night and during activities that may stress the nerve might help reduce symptoms.

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