Ask Trevor CHT: working after CTS surgery?

Ask Trevor CHT: working after CTS surgery?

Trevor Petrie - Chief Medical Officer
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Linda asks: "I've been suffering from carpal tunnel (CTS) and tendonitis. I've had hand and wrist pain for about 5 years. 

I had a bit of physical therapy and even went to see a chiropractor, who helped.

I'm due to have surgery soon, and am worried about getting back to work. 

I'm a dental assistant in my late 20s."


Certified Hand Therapist Trevor Petrie says:

"I suggest seeing someone about ergonomics during work as well as exercises and stretches you can do.

It sounds like you've been through a lot already before you even turn 30!

I see a ton of dental assistants and hygienists, and it can be very rough on your body.

Make sure you're keeping all your postural and core muscles moving, engaged, and in shape.

Keep doing stretches and exercises throughout your workday to avoid overloading tendons and other soft tissues.

Your physiotherapist should be able to help with some of that or you can try to search out a Certified Hand Therapist if you want someone a little more focused on your hands and wrists."


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