Why are disability products so ugly?

Why are disability products so ugly?

Sarah Dillingham - CEO & Founder
1 minute read

Ever wondered why disability products are so ugly? 

There are many reasons including:

  • lack of consultation during the design process
  • organizational buyers who only care about the bottom line on bulk orders
  • outdated stereotypes about people with disabilities and / or chronic health conditions

Join Grace & Able founder Sarah as she walks you through the reasons why so many disability products are ugly and uncomfortable, and argues the case for human-centered design.

She also talks about how we can change things for the better (hint: it involves listening to disabled people) and gives examples of businesses doing exactly that.


We think that listening to patients' voices is the best way to create our products. This is why we work with our Patient Panel, a group of volunteer patients who are testing the newest designs and provide feedback for us. You can learn more about the Patient Panel and apply for membership here.

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