Arthritis prescription drugs can be expensive, even with health insurance. Don't pay more than you need to. Check out these apps to keep your costs down.


Save up to 80% on prescriptions for joint pain with RxSaver. Enter the name of your medication into the app to compare prices across different pharmacies.

ScriptSave WellRx

Save an average of 60% on arthritis prescription costs, when you search across over 65,000 pharmacies for the best price on ScriptSave WellRx

The app includes tools to track your medicines, symptoms and mood, along with medication information and an 'Ask the Pharmacist' feature.

Blink Health Rx

Blink Health Rx is different from the other apps listed here because they negotiate with pharmacies to sell arthritis medicines to you directly at a reduced cost. 

You can buy your prescription through the website or app, and choose to have it shipped directly to your home or to your local pharmacy as preferred.


The same arthritis drug may cost more depending on which pharmacy you go to. GoodRx helps you to search for the lowest local price across 75,000 national pharmacies. It also offers coupons and refill reminders.