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  • Why are disability products so ugly?

    Ever wondered why disability products are so ugly?

    In this video Grace & Able founder Sarah walks you through the reasons behind ugly disability products, and how we can change things.

  • Ask Trevor CHT: Tedonitis in the thumb

    "I was diagnosed with Tendonitis in my thumb. I feel like I just keep icing it day and night and splinting it constantly but it’s not getting any better and the pain is sharp and endless. Any suggestions?"
  • Ask Trevor CHT: What's the best ergonomic mouse?

    Shawna asks:

    "I have Carpal Tunnel. My boss has said that if I can find a good ergonomic mouse or keyboard then he will buy it for me. I don’t really know what I’m looking for.

    Do you have any recommendations or tips as to what I should look for in a mouse, and do the cheaper ones work as well as the expensive ones or do you get what you pay for?"