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    Our story


    Fed up with ugly, uncomfortable joint support? 

    Me too. I'm Sarah, and I have rheumatoid arthritis.

    I wear compression gloves and orthopedic braces every day because of joint damage in my wrists.

    Around three years ago, I had to wear this wrist brace at my own wedding.

    Close up of the arm of a person with arthritis wearing a beige wrist brace with Velcro straps














    It's not the kind of accessory that I wanted to wear on my big day.

    So I customized it with fabric and beads to match my dress.

    Result: one wedding-worthy wrist brace and a very twirly first dance.

    Grace & Able CEO Sarah on her wedding day wearing a customized wrist brace and wedding gown dancing with her husband

    When I shared my photos online I discovered many other people searching for better joint support products, designed to fit into their lives.

    So, I got together with Certified Hand Therapist Trevor Petrie, to make better joint support products.

    Our mission is to empower people with arthritis, with functional, attractive and comfortable joint support products. 

    For me, that means wrist braces, and compression gloves I can use daily without chafing or awkward questions.

    For Trevor, that means braces his patients want to wear (instead of throwing them in a drawer after they leave his clinic).  

    Think comfy compression gloves and supportive braces that:

  • attract compliments, not stares
  • support and stabilize joints
  • keep you comfortable all day

  • All Hand Therapist designed, and Arthritis Patient tested.


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