Our story

Wrist braces are ugly and uncomfortable.

You wear them because you have to, not because you want to.

That's a challenge for people with chronic hand and wrist pain. Including me.

I'm Sarah, and I have rheumatoid arthritis.

Around three years ago, I had to wear a wrist brace at my own wedding.

This is the type of wrist brace that I owned at the time.


 Beige wrist brace on female hand


It's not the kind of accessory that I had dreamt about wearing on my big day.

Until a friend helped me to customize it.

Result: one wedding-worthy wrist brace and a very twirly first dance.


Bride and groom dancing. The bride is wearing an ivory wrist brace.


When I shared my photos online I discovered that people want better wrist braces.

Enter Certified Hand Therapist Trevor Petrie.

Trevor and I have designed a wrist brace for people with chronic hand pain.

A wrist brace that:

  • provides the stability and support you need
  • is comfortable enough to wear all day
  • attracts compliments instead of awkward questions

We're making wrist braces that you will be proud to wear.

We can't wait to launch in early 2020. Sign up here to be first in line.

thanks Sarah and Trevor