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Can I sleep in Compression Gloves?

A woman with arthritis sleeping in bed.

Arthritis Patient Shelly asks: "Is it ok to wear my compression gloves overnight while I’m in bed?"

Certified Hand Therapist Trevor says:

"Yes! You can wear your compression gloves in bed.

Many Grace & Able customers wear their gloves for several hours at a time, including while they are sleeping.

If you are new to compression gloves, I recommend wearing them for a few hours when you are awake to get used to them, before you wear them to sleep in.

It’s helpful to understand how the pressure feels on your hands after you’ve worn them for a few hours.

A well fit pair of gloves should provide just enough pressure to help relieve pain but shouldn’t significantly impair blood flow or negatively impact nerve health. 

Bear in mind that hands can swell when you are sleeping, so err on the side of gentle compression to allow for some 'ease' in the fabric.

There is some thought that excessively tight gloves can exacerbate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome; and People with diabetes or other issues that affect nerve and circulatory health should be doing regular skin and sensation checks. 

If you are feeling the pinch, or the gloves are exacerbating existing pain, take them off.

Finally, don’t forget - it’s a garment. Just like any other garment it’s going to get dirty both from environmental sources and your body. 

It’s important to wash your gloves regularly, and give your skin time to “breathe”.

That’s why we recommend wearing them for no longer than 12 hours at a time."

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