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    Ask Trevor CHT: Why Are My Fingers Numb? | Grace & Able

    Male left hand holding numb finger on right hand

    Are your pinky and ring fingers experiencing pain, numbness or weakness that's waking you up in the night? It could be cubital tunnel syndrome - a compression of the ulnar nerve causing muscle wasting at the elbow.

    Patient Jenny asks:

    "I have been experiencing pain and numbness in my ring and pinky fingers. It's even causing me to wake up during the night. They are hard to move and my hand looks sunken on that side. What is causing this?"

    Trevor says: 

    "The symptoms you describe definitely sound like it could be cubital tunnel syndrome, which is a compression of your ulnar nerve at your elbow which affects the sensation of your small and ring fingers.

    I would highly suggest having a hand specialist take a look to give you a firm diagnosis.

    If you're already experiencing noticeable muscle wasting (which is a scary sounding way to say "shrinking muscles") then your nerve has likely been impinged for a while.

    The sooner you get this looked at and addressed by a doctor, the better recovery you can have."

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