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  • Ask Trevor CHT: exercising with diffuse scleroderma

    Jodie asks:

    "I have diffuse scleroderma in my hands and wrists extremely effected (curled hands). My doctor has recommended hand exercises but whenever I regularly exercise them it feels that the clawing/curling progresses further. Any thoughts?"

    Read on for a reply from Certified Hand Therapist Trevor...

  • How to find a great Hand Therapist

    It's important to find a therapist that specializes in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. The easiest way to know if your physical or occupational therapist specializes in hands is to look for the letters "CHT" after their name, which stands for "Certified Hand Therapist". 
  • How to do the 'six pack' hand exercises

    The Six Pack is a great set of hand exercises to get tendons and joints moving in lots of dynamic ways.

    Watch Trevor demonstrate in this video.