You deserve better wrist braces

People don't wear wrist braces as often as they should.

Studies show that only 25% - 70% of patients wear their wrist braces for the medically prescribed time.

This is surprising as wrist braces can significantly reduce pain. 

So we asked with 500 people with chronic hand pain:
'Why don't you wear your wrist braces?'
They told us that their wrist braces are uncomfortable and ugly.
The phrase 'I hate beige' came up. A lot.
We heard stories about sweaty arms and snagged clothes. 
Stories about how annoying it is when people keep asking "What's wrong with your arm?".
We even met a woman who got stuck to her cat, thanks to her wrist brace. 
The cat did not enjoy the experience.
fluffy brown cat with a grumpy expression
Traditionally, wrist braces have been designed for function only.
Anything else - like a breathable fabric or attractive color - is a rare bonus.
At Grace & Able, we can do better.
Our mission is to make wrist braces that you will enjoy wearing.  
We asked the same 500 people another question:
"What do you want in the perfect wrist brace?"
We listened to this feedback to create a wrist brace that:
  • provides the stability and support you need
  • is comfortable enough to wear all day
  • attracts compliments instead of awkward questions

We're making wrist braces that you'll want to wear. We can't wait to launch in summer 2020.

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thanks Sarah and Trevor