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    Q & A With Hand Therapist Trevor: Why Are My Hands Numb? | Grace & Able

    a woman with numb painful hands holds a cup, she has arthritis and has been recommended to try compression gloves

    Hand pain patient Tracey asks:

    "Over a year ago I woke up and both hands were numb. I thought they were asleep and would wake up but they have not improved.

    They are still asleep and painful to touch. It hurts to hold a cup. My doctor has done tests for carpal tunnel syndrome but it came back negative. He has no answer as to what is happening. 

    Do you have any ideas I can try? Thank you."

    Hand Therapist Trevor's says:

    "Any time someone comes into my clinic with both arms affected with a neurological condition, I automatically start looking at the shoulders and neck to see if something may be going on there that’s affecting the nerves.

    If your doctor has not explored that possibility with you yet, I strongly recommend that you ask about it.

    Compression gloves for hand pain relief

    As far as ideas for symptom relief, I would start out by suggesting compression and heat and/or ice depending on what feels best.

    I recommend Grace & Able compression gloves because they offer gentle compression. You can even combine them with a heat or ice pack. Try each item at a time so that you can understand what is giving the better effect. If anything hurts or seems to exacerbate the numbness, stop immediately.


    Exercise-induced analgesia reduces inflammation

    Sometimes you can reduce nerve symptoms in your hands and arms by activating the big muscles in your shoulders and trunk via an affect called “exercise-induced analgesia”.

    This is a way of activating your body's pain inhibitory system via movement. Exercise can modulate pain perception via the natural release of opioids, nitric oxide, serotonin, catecholamines and endocannabinoids, that may .

    Overall it decreases inflammation and pain levels, so keep on moving as much as you can without unduly exacerbating symptoms.

    Finally, I recommend a visit to a physical therapist or hand therapy specialist. You can find one in the American Society of Hand Therapist Directory."

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