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Numb hands

  • Pregnancy and Carpal Tunnel

    Pregnant? Numb, tingling hands?

    It could be carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). 

    It is unfortunately common for pregnant women to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, especially in the second or third trimesters. 

    Here's what you should do if you experience carpal tunnel during pregnancy.

  • Ask Trevor CHT: Will I have pins and needles after surgery?

    Nicki asks:

    "I'm having carpal tunnel surgery soon - will I have pins and needles after surgery and if so, for how long?"

  • How to find a great Hand Therapist

    It's important to find a therapist that specializes in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. The easiest way to know if your physical or occupational therapist specializes in hands is to look for the letters "CHT" after their name, which stands for "Certified Hand Therapist".