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    Reclaiming Joy: Cultivating Gratitude While Living with Chronic Pain | Grace & Able

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    Embrace life with an attitude of gratitude! Focusing on what you have - instead of bemoaning the lack thereof - can reap hugely positive results.

    Studies show that gratefulness leads to lower levels of stress and pain, plus elevated feelings or joy.

    It's a win-win: free and easy to adopt into your daily routine, yet amazingly beneficial for those living with chronic pain. Make sure giving thanks is part of your day'll never regret it!


    Share genuine compliments daily

    Take time to show those that are important to you just how special they really are!

    A simple good morning greeting, or a 'thank you for being there' can make all the difference. Genuinely let your loved ones know that their presence in your life is treasured and valued.


    Practice gratitude every morning 


    Gratitude is like a muscle: the more you practice, the stronger it becomes!

    Starting your day with gratitude can be a great way to keep positivity at the forefront of your mind. Just 10 minutes each morning for reflecting on three things you're thankful for - such as having a cozy home, cherished relationships, or even an enjoyable hobby!

    For those who are religious, add it into your prayers and feel doubly blessed in both body and spirit.


    Learn from negative experiences


    Everyone messes up from time to time, so learn how to take those experiences in stride. It's not productive (or healthy!) for you to be hard on yourself about missteps.

    When you mess up, don't just bury your head in the sand. Acknowledge it and look for valuable takeaways so that next time a similar situation arises, you can be better prepared!

    Make something positive out of each mistake by using it to inform how you progress forward – thusly creating an opportunity to grow wiser with every misstep.


    While it's totally understandable to feel a bit of negative emotion when faced with a challenging situation, try not to get too wrapped up in the struggle.

    Instead, practice redirecting your mindset towards positive aspects and keep sight of what lies ahead - even when you are dealing with the ups and downs of chronic pain.

    Reframing can take some time but will help make life’s less than ideal moments more bearable - giving you back the power over how things turn out in those times where there isn’t much control available.


    Avoid toxic conversations

    Venting can be healthy — up to a point! Everyone needs the occasional release of emotions, but be sure to practice caution when doing so.

    Try setting a goal for yourself during each week ahead: Keep all venting positive and constructive without any gossip, whining or criticism.

    You never know - maintaining this attitude may lead to feeling more joy in your life and brighter interactions with those around you!



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