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Can Epsom Salts relieve arthritis pain?

Epsom magnesium salts in unscented rose lavender and eucalyptus for arthritis and joint pain

You might have heard people talking about taking Epsom Salt baths to relieve joint pain. 

But do they really work? Or is it just wishful thinking?

Inflammation is one of the main symptoms of chronic joint pain. As joints become swollen, they also become very painful. Reducing the swelling helps to reduce the pain.

Epsom Salts are a type of mineral salt, named after the British town of Epsom where they were discovered. 

People have bathed in Epsom Salts for centuries to relieve aches and pains because they contain Magnesium Sulfate, which is an anti-inflammatory. 

The theory is that as you sit in a warm Epsom Salts bath, the salts break down and your skin absorbs the magnesium, which in turn reduces swelling.

There hasn’t been much in the way of scientific research carried out on the effects of bathing in Epsom salts, so it's hard to know how much magnesium is absorbed via the skin during an Epsom Salts bath, or how much of an effect they have on inflammation.

Many arthritis patients, however, do share positive stories about finding relief in an Epsom Salt bath. 

Being in the warm water relaxes muscles, and takes the pressure off of sore joints, plus it's a good way to practise self-care and reduce stress.

At Grace & Able we offer Soaking Salts as part of the Arthritis Care Kit.

Our salts combine Epsom Salts with Pink Himalayan Salts. Pink Himalayan Salts also contain magnesium, as well as having anti-bacterial properties.

Choose between unscented or fragranced, with essential oils and natural petals.

To use the Salts, add a tablespoon or two to a warm bath, and relax as you soak for at least fifteen minutes.

While we can't promise that Epsom Salts will significantly reduce arthritis pain, we do know from experience that self-care matters, and this is an easy and affordable way to treat your body with kindness. 

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